LMGC Desaster Services Services

Our Services

  • Immediate Crew Mobilizations


    Mobilization is an import factor for getting your project off to the right start. We train our crews and subcontractors once a week for the entire Hurricane season about mobilization details.

    This means you have our crews working during the first 72 hours after a disaster and during this most critical time we can help your emergency crews gain clear access to the community. To insure you have the best mobilization service, we suggest that you keep a current Pre-storm agreement current.

  • FEMA Reimbersable Documentation


    After the 72 hour Emergency Push, we focus on getting your project organized for cleanup services. We will keep your supervisors filled with accurate information and recorded in ways FEMA accepts for proper reimbursements(when illegible). Because we are prepared with proper documentation procedures before we start, you are in the best position for a quicker reimbursement which can help preserve your emergency cash reserve. Faster start times, faster completion times and less hassles!

  • Large and Small Project Management


    We are prepared to handle any size disaster whether if effects neighborhoods, cities, towns counties or even statewide events. Our services and operations are scalable to the event and can grow if a disaster is bigger than original assessments. We also offer a variety of services from storm damage mitigation, emergency push, debris removal, tree arborists, temporary dump site management to debris reduction and all are scalable.

  • Government Relations


    We support community leadership to better serve the community, by being the pre-storm agreement contractor who is prepared during unfortunate times. Leaders of the community know when they choose us that they have a responsible company that will act to strengthen the tough decisions that will need to be made immediately after a disaster. Our team of supervisors will begin working immediately with the Public Works, Mayor, City Council and Public Relations director simultaneously whenever necessary to help the citizens of the community understand the direction and time frame of the recovery efforts. We unite our efforts behind the community and their leadership to be the most effective service provider in our industry.