LMGC Desaster Services Solution

Fast Scalable Solutions

  • Emergency Planning

    We can help you in more ways . . .

    Do you have a storm planning problem or the potential to lose a lot of commerce and taxes if you are not properly prepared for a disaster? We can help expose the unknown problems you may not be aware of when a disaster strikes. If you need help planning or mitigating against storm threats, we are available to help plan and assist if the need arises.

  • Time Critical Projects

    Disasters always come . . .

    Whether you have a pre-storm agreement in place or not, we are always ready to assist after a disaster. You may be overwhelmed with a disaster that is larger than you planned for or must be completed in record time. Managing and making project on or before any deadline is our specialty.

  • Speed Matters?

    What happens when you act too slow . . .

    Having a plan with a reputable contractor in place is the ounce of prevention your community expects to have already been given before the storm. If you or your contractor reacts too slowly, you will suffer loss of business, security, taxes, reputation, respect, leadership, jobs and unity just to mention a few. Our philosophy is to obtain a letter of recommendation from every customer we serve and we get one of these on every job by thinking quick, big and most of the time both.